5 Videos to Strengthen Your Courageous Leadership Influence (Leadership Courage)

5 Videos to Strengthen Your Courageous Leadership Influence (Leadership Courage)

At the beginning of 2022  I chose “Courage” as my leadership development focus word.

As I reflect on this powerful word I realize that courage has been an intricate part of all the articles, blogs, and books I’ve written over the years… Why is it so important to me?

CCharacter, Confidence, and Connection – 3 of my favorite “C” words! They were the foundation for Millennials Matter. Now, in the Sisu Courage Series, they are the three areas that we focus on for building courage for our leadership journey.

OOptimism is a character quality that I write about in Millennials Matter – Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader. In the Courage Series, we discover that by looking at our challenges with an optimistic mindset, we are able to see new opportunities to make a positive difference.

U – The UN-Culture series focused on the 5 Success Mindsets we need to say NO to – the “un-words” that destroy our leadership influence. It takes courage to say NO to being UN-focused; UN-creative; and UN-productive.

RResilience is the character quality that is fueled by courage. It’s the ability to get up when we fall, to courageously move forward when challenges might cause us to feel stuck.

AAccountability is one of my favorite leadership strategies. It’s something that I talk and write about so often, that some of my friends jokingly call me “The Accountability Queen!” Accountability enables us to accept responsibility for our choices and results.

G – Gratitude, my One Word for 2023, will be the focus of my next article series. I realize that it requires a special brand of courage, Sisu Courage, to be grateful in the midst of daunting leadership mountains.

E – Empathy is in short supply in today’s culture. When we are caught up in our own struggles, it’s easy to lose sight of what others are dealing with. We might forget about the power of connection. A courageous leadership heart always strives to lovingly serve others, even while facing our own challenges.

In The Sisu Courage Series, I take a deep dive into these, and other leadership strategies you need for a world filled with fear, chaos, and disruption.

If you need more inspiration to strengthen your Courage Mindset Muscle, I invite you to watch these videos.

Here is the full list of the Videos in this series:

Leadership Strategy Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro

Leadership Development: Is Accountability Part of a Courageous Leadership Character?

How to Build Your Leadership Influence on Character Confidence and Collaboration

How to Fine-Tune Your Leadership Strategy During Difficult Times           

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Climbing Your Leadership Strategy Mountain

Here are some other videos on the topic that you may find interesting:

Leadership Influence During this Era of Exponential Progress

How to Use Your Powerful Leadership Influence to Beat the Fear Pandemic

How Your Leadership Influence Enables You to Deal with the Fear Factor

5 Steps to Implement a SISU Leadership Strategy

Why Your Leadership Strategy Should Address the Fears of Our Time

Why SISU Courage and Perseverance Are Essential for Leadership Development Today

You can read all the articles in the Sisu Courage Series by clicking on the links below:

How do You Confront Fear to Strengthen Your Leadership Development?

Leadership Strategy Insights from Courageously Taking on Mount Kilimanjaro

A Courageous Character Keeps Your Leadership Development Journey on Track

Gratitude Builds Courage to Confidently Turn Scary Times into Leadership Development

How to Courageously Connect to Improve Your Leadership Performance

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