10 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude with Millennial Salespeople and Leaders

10 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude with Millennial Salespeople and Leaders

“We live in the wealthiest nation during the wealthiest time in history. And some of us even live in the wealthiest state or suburb. In Luke 12:48, Jesus says that to whom much is given, much is required. Let’s be frank. We have been given much, haven’t we? If you’ve traveled internationally, you know that what we’ve been given goes beyond what we could have imagined when we were young, planning our careers and crafting our life goals.” Excerpt from Millennials Matter (pg. 7)

In light of our abundance, let’s practice gratefulness and thankfulness all year long!

Here are some practical ideas from Dr. Mike Hattabaugh that we might use with our Millennial sales teams every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

Thank You Email

The first time you go to your desk every morning, send a thank you email to someone who needs to be encouraged.

Morning Greeting

A surprise welcome will make them smile! Welcome them to work, the way you would welcome them to your home.

Learn what Shaped Them

Their story will tell you more about someone faster than just about anything.

Buy their Favorite Beverage

Do they like iced coffee, almond milk or just steeped tea? Find out and say “Thanks a latte!”

Celebrate Everything

Have a great week? Celebrate. Have a really bad one? Celebrate even more!


Most people will tell you what makes them feel important to your team. Be a leader that asks.

Gratitude Training

Gratitude is a skill. Spend a training day learning how to express gratitude and the many benefits of using it.

Have a Gratitude Meeting

Meetings are usually about problems. Hold a meeting that is only about what good things have already happened.

Always say “Thank You”

Good news, bad news, or news you already knew. Finish with a sincere “Thank You.”

Author: Dr. Mike Hattabaugh


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