Mentoring Millennials On The Power of Collaboration

Mentoring Millennials On The Power of Collaboration


Have you ever watched the V–formation flight of geese?

When I see the familiar pattern in the sky each spring and fall, I’m reminded of the importance of synergistic collaboration. The geese are working together, versus each bird trying to make the long flight on its own.

How are you mentoring and coaching your Millennial sales and business leaders to create this synergy in their efforts to grow your business?

What can we learn from the geese? First, a group effort conserves the energy of each bird. Each goose flies behind, and a little higher than the bird in front of him, so each takes advantage of the partial windbreak and doesn’t tire as easily. Second, each bird takes turns flying at the front of the V, giving over the lead position when it gets tired. This way, the geese can go for an extended time before they need to rest.

How might this strategy impact your business growth objectives?

Our relationship wiring values the uniqueness of both self and others – that fuels collaboration so team work is maximized.

I was fortunate to grow up in the “old” North Dakota – a family-oriented community with rock-solid values where the importance of collaboration was recognized and treasured.  However, in today’s world we see a different social structure where people rate the strength of their relationships by the number of comments or likes to their latest social media post.

Millennials are at the forefront of this trend, as they grew up in a relatively impersonal world, saturated with technology. Technology is how they make new “friends,” look for jobs, and buy things.

In my research for my new book, Millennials Matter, the limitations of technology-based communication were confirmed in our Millennial survey. 11 percent of CEOs, presidents and business leaders listed a lack of verbal communication skills as their top concern. For seasoned leaders, this de-socialization of America is creating significant workplace challenges as we attempt to cross the growing generational divides.

What are your concerns with regards to the viability of your sales growth strategies when you see this trend in your up-and-coming leaders?

You can help your future sales leaders to value their relationship wiring and grow your business

Regardless of your role or which industry you’re in, relationships will always be a part of it.  We need to invite our young leaders to value their own unique identity that’s in collaborative, authentic relationship with their colleagues, clients, followers, peers, friends and family.

Leaders who honor and respect others, maximize teamwork. This dynamic produces synergistic participation.

As an experienced leader, you have an important mentorship role in teaching your next-gen sales leaders about the value of their relationship wiring.

Join me on an exciting journey as we delve deeper into the areas where our Millennials might need guidance, encouragement and wisdom to develop and maintain healthy relationships.  In upcoming posts, I’ll provide you with tools, tips and resources to refine your focus on this vital calling.

Leadership question:  What are you doing to help your Millennial sales leaders to understand the importance of collaboration?

Leadership lesson:  Wise leaders collaborate with others to bring about positive change.

​​© Copyright Danita Bye, 2017

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