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We need resilient Millennials to reach our growth goals - all CEO’s, business leaders, and sales executives agree. In today’s fast-changing business environment, resilience is a sought-after character trait. Yet, finding Millennial salespeople with mental toughness isn’t always easy. Some of the leaders I talk to, compare it to looking for a needle in a haystack. In my recent Forbes article, Two Secrets to Building Resilience in Millennial Leaders to Achieve Sales Results, I discuss three action steps to assist you as you coach and mentor your millennial sales leader on resiliency. You can read the full Forbes article here. How can you use your experience and wisdom to transform your millennial salespeople into resilient leaders who can reach and exceed their sales goals?

How do I help my Millennial Salespeople get traction faster? This is the most frequently asked question I got on the Millennials Matter Book Tour. For business to grow, it's critical that we answer this question correctly, so we exceed our strategic growth targets. And, that's why I'm inviting you to this top rated webinar by my colleague, Dave Kurlan. Check it out. The 6 Hidden Sales Weaknesses that Limit Sales Results

“Accountability means having the emotional maturity and internal backbone to take responsibility for your own actions and choices, and not shift blame to external factors.” ~ Danita Bye

Is a lack of accountability the root cause for your lagging sales results? 1966 saw the emergence of the fictional movie trio, starring Clint Eastwood as ‘the Good’, Lee Van Cleef as ‘the Bad’ and Eli Wallach as ‘the Ugly.’ I regularly encounter this destructive trio in the world of Sluggish Sales Results… Low Accountability and his co-stars, Blame Game and Victim Mode can wreak havoc with your best sales strategies. Is your emerging sales leader acting out one of these roles?