How to Manage Millennials: Next Gen Leaders Need Your Help

How to Manage Millennials: Next Gen Leaders Need Your Help


 “It is my dream that seasoned leaders will mentor and coach Next Generation leaders – business leaders, spiritual leaders and other influential role-players – to become Dakota Leaders.”​
~ Danita Bye


High growth areas, whether it’s on a business, sales growth, or community level, need physical infrastructure as well as leadership infrastructure.  We need people who are wise servant leaders.  Why is this so crucial? As you know, change,  whenever and wherever it occurs, can be both frightening as well as exhilarating.


The Dakota Way is a leadership strategy that inspires business leaders and sales professionals to serve others and build a better future by operating as positive change agents. This is important as we’re crafting a business growth and succession strategy. We, as seasoned leaders, have the opportunity to invite Millennials to create a common vision that invites them to raise the bar on everything they undertake.It’s important to remember, that Millennials grew up with intense focus on their interests, their accomplishments, and their feelings. While you might feel that a young leader on your team is self-absorbed, consider that it is likely a by-product of the way he or she was raised. I believe that this generation, as a whole, has many positive qualities, and that with some investment from a seasoned leader, they can become tremendously effective leaders.

You might need to find ways to remind Next Gen Leaders to shift the focus from themselves to those around them and the health of their relationships with their colleagues. They might need to be convinced to help find or buy into a vision that considers the good of everyone and leads the team to a brighter future.  The Dakota Way as a leadership strategy, focuses on the value of relationships.

I believe The Dakota Way will give seasoned leaders the framework and the courage to invest in Next Gen leaders. These relationships can be mutually beneficial as they develop the internal strength and capabilities needed to lead effectively, even in the midst of chaos and rapid change.

The Dakota Way Leadership Question: How might you help young leaders grasp the opportunities presented by change?

The Dakota Way Leadership Lesson: Create a common vision and raise the bar on everything you undertake.

Photo courtesy: Sam Fredin – Stanley ND

​​© Copyright Danita Bye, 2016

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