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One of my biggest aha moments came with the discovery that many of my leadership development and spiritual formation lessons were rooted in my childhood. I grew up in an eight-hundred-square-foot homestead shack on an isolated cattle ranch in northwestern North Dakota. I had the privilege of being an eyewitness and an active participant to character-building challenges on a daily basis. Using an outhouse until I was thirteen, no running water in the house… North Dakota conditions were tough for a young girl, don’t you think?

Growing your leadership influence calls for a courageous character core. Your followers and family are watching you during this Era of Exponential Growth. They are keeping a firm eye on the virtues you live everyday. For many leaders, the word “virtues” is confusing.  Let's be real - how many times do you use "virtue" in your everyday conversations?!? What about "prudence” or “temperance”? If you're like me, those aren't sprinkled into my speech. Especially when I'm hanging out with my grandchildren.

In your executive leadership development plan, why might it be important that you, as a leader, get increased clarity on your personal vision, values, and virtues? Since the beginning of 2020, your life has been turned upside down by global lockdowns, along with multiple economic and technology disruptions. Then, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis with its global repercussions on the 24/7 news cycle. And, now new health scares threaten us with more lockdowns.

When Gordon and I move to North Dakota in 2014, we immediately start brainstorming a name for our new home that captures our passion for leadership development. Eagle Springs is the first name that resonates with both of us. “Eagle,” because we both love the majesty of bald eagles…plus it’s in one of my favorite scriptures (Isaiah 40:31). And, “Springs,” because of the natural artesian spring bubbling forth on our another scripture (Psalms 1).