How to Increase Sales by Converting Negative Sales Energy into Positive Sales Results & Fire in the Belly

How to Increase Sales by Converting Negative Sales Energy into Positive Sales Results & Fire in the Belly

Does your sales team lack the “fire in the belly” needed to grow sales? Or, is it a key player who seems to be dragging their feet?

A lack of accountability can cause sales energy to dwindle to alarmingly low levels.

As a sales leader and manager, what can you do to help them to convert their negative sales energy into positive sales success?

My new eBook, Millennial Sales Accountability will show you how to:

1. Transform blame into accountability.

What can you do to step up your coaching when a salesperson blames the economy? A salesperson who doesn’t believe they have control over an outcome is unlikely to do anything to improve their effectiveness.

2. Convert excuses into empowerment.

How can you empower your emerging sales leader to come up with ways to address the issues that plague their performance?

Check out Millennial Sales Accountability to get workable management tips on how to to get your up-and-coming sales leaders to replace a negative mindset with positive words and action.

“In our the-coffee-is-too-hot culture, we need to go the extra mile to help those we lead to be aware of the crippling impact of play­ing the victim role.” ~ Danita Bye, Millennials Matter

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Leadership Lesson:  When you mentor your emerging sales leader, encourage them to reject a blame-game, excuse making mindset.

Leadership Question: What steps are you taking to boost accountability among your emerging sales superstars?

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