Want to Know How to Increase Sales? Use this Powerful Cure for the Blame-Game Virus

Want to Know How to Increase Sales? Use this Powerful Cure for the Blame-Game Virus

In my Sales Audit work, I’m amazed by how often we see a lack of accountability in the entire sales team. It’s like a virus that infects every function of the sales process.

Have you observed this virus in your Millennial Sales Team?

Of course, I shouldn’t be that surprised. Our research shows that 60% of all salespeople have weak responsibility

These salespeople often resort to playing blame-games. The list of whom or what to blame is endless. I hear about the uncooperative economy, the tight marketplace, the stiff competition, incompetent colleagues, and, of course, the bad boss.

Passing blame becomes a comfortable habit.

Do you need a cure for the blame-game virus? Then check out my eBook, Millennial Sales Accountability. It has fresh ideas about how to ratchet up accountability – and cure the blame-game virus – in each of your Millennial team members.

“The blame game never works. When a person chooses to shift blame, they completely discard their God-given creativity and genius.”~ Danita Bye, Millennials Matter

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Leadership Lesson: An accountable sales leader does not blame others for their lack of results.

Leadership Question: What are you doing to get rid of the blame-game virus in your sales organization?


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