Sales Coaching will increase your sales results.

Drive bottom line results by strengthening your team.

Goal: Creating a long-term, sustainable growth culture.

Frustrated with a lack of sales results from Millennials?

  • Are your salespeople great with current clients, but complain about getting stuck going after new business?
  • Do your salespeople lack the savvy and expertise to navigate an increasingly competitive world?
  • Does your sales pipeline look strong, but rarely does a deal make it all the way through?
  • Are your millennial salespeople struggling to crack new accounts and close business?

Maybe you’ve tried a few bandaids:

    • Changing the compensation and incentive plans 
    • Training the team to be better closers
    • Providing advanced social media training
  • Introducing new products and services in an effort to get the sales team excited.

In order to exceed quota, your salesforce needs:

  • Fire-in-the-belly motivation to fuel success
  • Sales strength to handle increasingly tough competitors
  • Focus and direction to gain momentum
  • Targeted messaging, strategies and tactics to expand.

The 4 Coaching Components of the Sales GPS Program:

    1. Sales Energy: The internal fuel for success that drives high performance.
    2. Sales DNA: The internal beliefs and mindsets that enable a salesperson to effectively and consistently execute your sales process when they are talking directly to a decision maker (not just role playing.)
    1. Strategic Sales Map: A plan to ensure they can reach their goals. 
  1. Strategic Listening and Mastery: The competencies, including knowledge and skills, to increase sales on a consistent long-term basis.

In coaching the coach, the Sales GPS Program provides sales coaching to address all points in your process with a focus on cracking new accounts so your business stays on track. In order for long term sales results to occur, the Sales GPS Program does the following:

  • Programs that include online and traditional training
  • Spaces out learning so new concepts can be internalized and salespeople can apply what they learn
  • Extends learning through video sales coaching
  • Supports accountability with Done/Not Done Action Lists
  • Shares resources and best practices for sustaining growth.

Need Tactical Sales Coaching Tips?

Millennial Sales Motivation: 3 Steps to help your Next-Gen Salesperson get Motivated

We absolutely could not have fixed our sales issues ourselves. And in hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that Danita provided to actually help us implement our new sales management processes and transform our sales culture into a disciplined organization.

- CEO, Meyers

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