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In a leadership development context, we often talk about how vital it is to create connection, community, and collaboration in high-growth culture. Rarely do we talk about the opposite - loneliness. Yet, loneliness, driven by a highly mobile society that is addicted to our iPhones and social media likes, takes a huge toll on a person's vitality and creativity.

One of my biggest aha moments came with the discovery that many of my leadership development and spiritual formation lessons were rooted in my childhood. I grew up in an eight-hundred-square-foot homestead shack on an isolated cattle ranch in northwestern North Dakota. I had the privilege of being an eyewitness and an active participant to character-building challenges on a daily basis. Using an outhouse until I was thirteen, no running water in the house… North Dakota conditions were tough for a young girl, don’t you think?

Being laser-focused on my leadership development series on Courageous Leadership, this article catches my eye.  In Courage over Comfort, the author shares six powerful strategies for developing courage. It goes straight to the heart of the matter – being a courageous leader can be very uncomfortable!  The article deeply resonates with me.  Why?