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In the midst of a Recovery, with unpredictable markets and fear still raging on social media 24/7, what's one idea that will help your business actually "recover" during the Recovery?It's accountability.Yet, how do you nurture personal responsibility and build a culture of accountability in your Millennial salespeople when blame-gaming is rampant in our culture?It seems impossible, doesn't it?Yet, that’s what we are called to do as business and sales leaders - build a successful culture that will actually "recover."

The marketplace has changed and your competitors are getting tougher. What are your plans for transforming your business and your sales teams to be even stronger and to recover as quickly as possible in the New Normal?On May, 29th, I’ll participate in The Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit 2020. This prestigious gathering of visionary sales leaders - Navigating the New Normal.

For the last 7 weeks, we've been quarantining with our oldest daughter, Brittany, her husband, Brady, (both engineers from MN who've been working remotely from North Dakota, since pre-schools were closed) and their 3 pre-school children. So, in addition to all the other initiatives, I've been a full-time gramma.:-)Our youngest granddaughter, Joanna, is fascinated with grown-up shoes. It seems to be a great object-lesson for all of us to SMART SIZE during this time of recovery, doesn't it! Thanks, Hunter, for a timely article.The next 90 days are critical, aren’t they?CEOs, presidents and business owners know that these next 90 days are critical for getting the sales team focused and on pace. They're worried about what will happen to the business if they make the wrong decisions about where and how to focus the sales team?