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From experience, you know long-term leadership success that survives chaos and constant change, requires proactive self-care. Yet, in the pressure of leading, proactive self-care seems elusive and a mystery. Part 2 of my leadership development book,  Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leader, is entitled, Practice Proactive Self-Care. It's my hope that these five chapters provide a way for leaders to get a firmer grasp of this leadership strategy, and to de-mystify:

Growing your leadership influence calls for a courageous character core. Your followers and family are watching you during this Era of Exponential Growth. They are keeping a firm eye on the virtues you live everyday. For many leaders, the word “virtues” is confusing.  Let's be real - how many times do you use "virtue" in your everyday conversations?!? What about "prudence” or “temperance”? If you're like me, those aren't sprinkled into my speech. Especially when I'm hanging out with my grandchildren.

We often learn leadership development lessons in the most surprising ways – and in the most peculiar places! While cleaning some old files, I came across this photo of my great-grandparents. It took grit, determination, and mental toughness to live in North Dakota in the early 1900s, didn't it? Then, I start to think about my own childhood journey.