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Recently, my speaking coach, mentor, and friend Janie Jasin, passed away. She always encouraged me. She challenged me to raise the bar on my own leadership development. She positively impacted the lives of all who crossed her path. She will be deeply missed. About eighteen months ago, I wrote my first tribute to Janie. Today, I pay tribute to Janie Jasin again - an influential, impactful, inspirational, encouraging, and visionary leader. 

The Left is on the march across America, and North Dakota is no exception. Today, our freedoms are under attack as they rarely have been in our nation’s history - a history that the Left is bent on distorting and ultimately erasing. It is time for conservatives to fight back. The hour is late, and we need action now. That is why we are excited to announce a new initiative to fire up the conservative movement in the Dakotas and Western Minnesota.

"I either grow revenues, or I’m gone." Darin needs an innovative plan for fixing a  sales strategy that works during the disruption he and the sales team were facing.  He calls late on a Friday afternoon… "I need some innovative sales strategy ideas – I’m hoping you can help. We were having a difficult time increasing revenues prior to COVID. Last year made everything even tougher. "I’m the president, and the owners are expecting to see the business grow. And...I haven’t been able to make it happen…for 5 years. Their patience has run out - even with COVID. They’re frustrated. Now, I’m facing an ultimatum! I either grow revenues, or I’m gone.”