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In our recent Courageous Leadership Development Series, we look at the tumultuous changes we all face. It's in all areas…medical, technological, and financial.

Some financial experts say we're in an Era of Exponential Progress. It's exciting for some. For others, it’s one more thing that produces fear and stress.

What does Exponential Progress look like?

My latest leadership development series focuses on gratitude. Count your blessings! Yes, we all know we need to be grateful for all the good things in our lives. But what about those times when the “bad” seems to outnumber the “good?” That’s when it takes grit to be grateful! And these days, it looks like we need loads of grit.

A negative mindset is unhealthy for any leader. A toxic Criticize, Condemn and Complain Culture sabotages your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.  It saps vital spiritual, motivational, and emotional energy.  A healthy Leadership Mindset is needed to confront this cancer.
    • Criticism saps your strength. You begin doubting that you have the leadership skills to overcome your challenges, even when you’ve been successful before.
    • Condemnation creates confusion about your vision, values, and virtues.
    • Complaining crushes your creativity. You lack the creativity and growth mindset to see new opportunities.