Leadership Team Development: How to Plan a Successful M& A Transition to Your Next Big Step in Life

Leadership Team Development: How to Plan a Successful M& A Transition to Your Next Big Step in Life

How many leadership books are on your bookshelves? How many podcasts and speakers have you listened to over the years? How many leadership development events have you attended?

We can get leadership insights in a number of ways. However, many leave out the most important part – the practical, proven, “how to” implementation plans and next steps that are aligned with purpose and legacy, with spiritual and Biblical principles.

On March 15th, I’ll be co-hosting an Executive Breakfast workshop, Built to Thrive. This event will equip business owners, presidents, and CEOs with these critical insights. I’ll be joined by Brandon Schaefer, Five Capitals;  Rob Gales, Vercor; and Dave Fergus, C12 Group. Learn more about your hosts here.

We’re tackling two topics.

1.) If you’re planning on exiting your business in the next 3 to 7 years, regardless of the transition plan, join us. You can learn more about this topic in my previous article. Leaders need answers to important questions such as:

  • How am I going to exit – should I sell, merge, or transition to the next generation?
  • How do I maximize the value of my business before making this decision?
  • How do I develop my key leadership team?
  • How does all this fit with my core purpose in life?

If you don’t know Rob Gales, one the co-presenters, check out his video introduction. Transformation Through Transaction.  His specialty is helping middle market business owners sell their company. Watch the video – it’s a really inspiring 2 min!

“What we do today will have a long-term impact for all.” Millennials Matter (Prioritize Now to Impact the Future, p127.)

2.) Key Leader and Millennial Leader Development: Interested in engaging with proven strategies to equip the next generation as you transition to your “next big step” in life? If yes,  I invite you to join our conversation as we discuss real issues from a Biblical perspective.

  • Leveraging the priorities and drivers of Key Leaders, especially Millennials, to create win-win scenarios for you and your company;
  • Connecting with practical, Biblically-based tools and concepts designed to increase your effectiveness both at home and at work;
  • Becoming a developing / discipling / delegating leader, empowering others to do 80% of what you do – freeing you up for what matters most;
  • Leaving with clear priorities and outcomes.

Want to know more about the Built to Thrive – How to Lead and Leave Well Breakfast Workshop? Contact Danita Bye – danita@danitabye.com

You can also register here.

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