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Scott Plum and Bill Hellkamp invited me to discuss sales and leadership development on their Winning at Selling Podcast. The key ideas we discuss in 3 Ways to Wire Your Brain for Successful Selling (and Leading) are identical to what we're talking about in our current leadership series, The Gratitude Revolution. Have you read the 1st article - The Gratitude Revolution – Transforming Leadership Strategy with a Can-Do Mindset, yet?  

In today’s fast-paced culture, many people give in to a Closed-Door Mindset, stifling their leadership development. Rather than seeking collaborative solutions, they criticize, condemn, and complain. This unproductive response stalls growth, making it almost impossible to find creative solutions. Dale Carnegie, captured the essence of this toxic cycle when he said:

The leadership development interview with Scott Young of the Influencers Podcast went nothing like the pre-show conversation I had with Dave Donaldson! Yet, our conversation about Next-Gen and Millennial leadership spotlighted important insights. This is how Scott promotes our conversation:
  • Desperate for a change in leadership?
  • For someone you can trust?
  • Someone with clarity, character, and competence?
  • What if the leader that needs changing is you?