How to Increase Sales Accountability Through ‘Feed-Forward’ Coaching

How to Increase Sales Accountability Through ‘Feed-Forward’ Coaching

Let’s play a quick word game…

What is the opposite of a complaining, sluggish, and blame-game mindset?

Did you say accountable, creative, and a solution-oriented mindset?

Good for you, you’re 100% correct!

This is the mindset we all want to see in our emerging sales leaders. But it’s a sad fact that this positive growth mindset is not always present in Millennial employees. A negative mindset is one of the symptoms of low accountability levels in salespeople.

What have you been doing to shift this negative mindset and unproductive beliefs to support your strategic sales plan?

Skillful leaders empower their emerging salespeople. They know that casting blame and focusing on what went wrong is counterproductive. Instead, they direct their coaching and mentoring energy to future action and creative solutions.

However, do you know the difference between feedback and feed-forward coaching?

In my latest Forbes article, I explain the difference, and I share fresh practical action steps you can take to develop accountability in your up-and-coming salespeople. You will learn how to stop the blame game, and turn excuses into empowerment.

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Leadership Lesson:  The ball is in your court to coach your millennial employees on how to challenge their accountability growth areas.

Leadership Question: To develop accountability in millennial salespeople, encourage them to convert their negative sales beliefs into positive behaviors.

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