A Sales Audit will give you targeted, objective insights and a plan.

How much growth is possible?

Get prioritized recommendations based on sales ROI.

Are you tired of your sales team missing targets?

Are you even more distressed that you don’t know why they are off track?

  • Why are they missing targets?
  • Why are they losing business to the competition?
  • Why are close rates so low?
  • Why are margins slipping?
  • Why is the pipeline so fat, but nothing gets all the way through?
  • Why don’t your sales people hunger for new business?

A Sales Audit will give prioritized recommendations and a plan based on sales ROI.

What improvements will have the biggest impact, both short and long term? The data from a Sales Audit will tell you:

  • Are your salespeople capable of executing your sales strategies?
  • Who can sell more consultatively?
  • Who can become more effective in their roles?
  • Who is selling on price and could become a value seller?
  • Can they generate new business? Or do you need to hire someone new?

The Sales Audit will also answer these questions regarding your sales systems and processes:

  • Do your systems and processes support growth?
  • How does your sales leadership process impact growth?
  • How can you improve your sales culture to get your team on track?
  • What’s the real quality of your pipeline?
  • How effective are your sales management efforts?
  • Is your management team on the same page as you?

A Proven Process for Your Growth

Danita’s Proven Process starts with a Sales Audit that assesses the strength of your existing strategies, messaging, processes, management, and sales staff. With that targeted insight, she creates a Next Step Action Plan that prioritizes where to invest improvement efforts based on ROI. Danita provides consulting, coaching, recruiting and training that addresses the root cause(s) of underperformance and sets your team on a clear path toward growth. With improved hiring, engaging and retaining of top performers, you will get these concrete results:

  • Increased revenue regardless of the economy.
  • Improved margins despite competitive pressure to commoditize.
  • Increased market share┬áin spite of globalization.
  • Decreased turnover with more loyal employees.
  • Reduced costs of sales with increased focus.
  • Faster ramp-up of new employees.
  • Predictable revenue and more accurate business planning.
  • Shorter sales cycle and time-to-revenue.

How effective is your current sales effort?

Answer just 22 questions (it’ll take less than 5 minutes) and this Objective Management Group tool will provide you with an instant score on the relative effectiveness of your sales force.

Why a Sales Audit?

The sales audit is completed within 2-3 days

Results have been validated at 95%+ accuracy

Investment is about 1/3 that of subjective, interview-based methods

Gain clarity and confidence with a targeted plan.