Sales Talent Acquisition: Hiring the right people, into the right seats.

Hire Superior Sales DNA to grow your business.

Expanding your salesforce. Upgrading your current team.

Recruiting headaches?

  • Having trouble finding candidates with a “hunter” mentality?
  • Need people with a fire in their belly for winning new accounts?
  • Is turnover and training costing more than projected?


Hiring mistakes can cost up to $379k when you include management time, training time, lost opportunities and lost sales (based upon a minimum of six months employment).

Find out for yourself: Click here to calculate the cost of your hiring mistakes

Recruiting the right sales talent is vital for growth.

  • Cut through the candidate clutter and hire hunters – so you can get back on the growth track.
  • Target millennials who will really sell
  • Focus on talent that can and will execute your sales strategy
  • Improve return-in-investement with new hires

Danita has assisted in the hiring of over 2,100 sales and sales management professionals, all focused on winning new business.

Her strength is that she understands the entire sales process and the need for cracking new accounts. Her consistent success at recruiting strong sales hunters is built on a validated 6-step process supported by strong sourcing and screening tools. This process is over 95% accurate at predicting a candidate’s potential for success.

With Danita’s tools and process, she can quickly discern which Millennials can and will bring in new business.

Want to learn more about how to hire hunters?

Read Danita’s book How to Hire Superior Sales DNA.

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Danita helped the new sales director get on board and helped our sales people minimize their weaknesses and leverage their strengths. We’ve reduced the risk of hiring the wrong people and increased our chances of hiring the right people. In 77% less time, with 55% fewer people, VDN has garnered 57% more revenue. Now we have sales people who fit in our culture, and have the interest, passion and attributes that make them successful in our market.”

- CEO, Voice Data Networks

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