Coach Millennials to Capitalize on the Energy of Adversity – Part 2

Coach Millennials to Capitalize on the Energy of Adversity – Part 2


Last week I mentioned business leaders’ concern about Millennials lack of resiliency and ability to bounce back from adversity. Interestingly I came across a post by conservative millennial blogger Allie Beth Stucky in which she severely criticises the state of higher education in America.

She says: “Since when did professors stop teaching critical thinking and mental fortitude? Since when did it become more important to protect people from getting their feelings hurt than preparing for real life? “Because here’s the deal, college students: there are no ‘safe spaces’ in real life.”

Building sisu in your young leader is critical for them to be successful in any role you currently have them in. It’s so important that a large section of Millennials Matter, my book to be released in the fall, is dedicated to this topic.

Excerpt from Millennials Matter Leaders who possess a sisu spirit sign up for seemingly impossible tasks. They step out despite their fears and take action against long odds. They step up when they’re faced with obstacles, knowing there is more strength than what meets the eye. They reach deep within in order to stretch their comfort zone. So instead of just thinking that everything will turn out okay, a person with sisu spirit has the conviction that they will be all right, and they will take the necessary actions to shape those outcomes. These creative leaders possess both high perseverance and high accountability for their own actions. They have resilience. They have confidence. They have sisu.

Excerpt from Leadership Shift: Paradoxical Wisdom

What is your role as a leader in mentoring and coaching up-and-coming sales and business leaders?

I am passionate about strengthening the Sisu Spirit in Millennial leaders, because:
Sisu is an action-enabling strength capacity that:

  • Inspires future leaders to step out of their comfort zone;
  • Challenges them to stretch their mental reserves & pre-conceived resources; and
  • Propels them to push through their mental, physical and emotional barriers.

You are instrumental in encouraging your future leaders to surround themselves with people who will strengthen their Sisu Spirit. Raising the Sisu Spirit in your company will pay back dividends for many years to come!

Thanks, Michael Gregory, for sharing your Millennial coaching insights, “Developing millennials involves three things:

  • Thanking them once a week for something specific they have done.
  • Getting them the resources they need from their perspective (i.e. don’t micro-manage)
  • Give them a chance to shine.

I have taught this to CPAs and now in a four part course in Great Britain offered through the Continuing World Education Association. It works.”

Leadership Lesson: A strong Sisu Spirit releases creativity. It also sparks innovation, and engages energy for yourself and those you influence.

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