Millennial Sales Leadership: Your Millennial Wants You to Walk Alongside Them (TEDx Talk)

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Millennial Sales Leadership: Your Millennial Wants You to Walk Alongside Them (TEDx Talk)

Shortly after my son, Westin, attended a premier global leadership conference, he told me something that changed everything I had planned for the next couple of months – even years.

What will you do if you suddenly get a message that shifts the trajectory of your life? 

He said, “Mom, you must prioritize passing your leadership wisdom and insight on to the next generation. We can access a plethora of brilliant talking heads 24/7.  But, Mom, that’s not what we need.  We need wise leaders who know us, and who care about us. We need coaches and mentors to walk alongside us and show us what to do and how to do it.”

Over time, I realized that this was not just a message from my son to me. It’s a message from all of our sons and daughters. In fact, it’s a cry from this generation of up-and-coming leaders to all of us as seasoned, experienced, wise, character-based leaders. They need us to reach out to them. It’s a call to stop complaining and to start coaching and mentoring. I wrote Millennials Matter to help these leaders with the coaching and mentoring of their Next-gen leaders.

How can you use your spiritual wisdom to encourage a Millennial who might be struggling?

I told the full story of my conversation with my son as part of my recent TEDx talk in Bismarck.  Watch the video here to learn more about the micro-moves you can make to impact the emerging leader in your life.

Leadership Lesson: You don’t have to go big – make small mentoring moves to impact the life of a Millennial in your sphere of influence.

Leadership Question: Who are the emerging leaders in your life that is in need of your wisdom and experience?

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Her tips and insights are not focused on business and sales leaders only. Parents, educators, and community leaders – anyone who lives, works, or rides the bus with a Millennial needs her inspiration and wisdom.

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