Prioritizing Emerging Leader Development Keeps Expanding

Prioritizing Emerging Leader Development Keeps Expanding

“The world is undergoing a rapid shift, and millions of young adults struggle to find their footing. Amid this cultural chaos, next-gen leaders need the benefit of what we know. They need our wisdom and insights. This message is for all of us who are builders of companies and leaders of people.”

This  Millennials Matter prophetic call is increasingly relevant. And, your commitment in spreading the message is growing in global impact.

Here’s a sampling of your great contributions…

Rudi and Sharon Swanepoel: Where do I start – at the Christian Inaugural Gala? Or, getting your picture of Millennials Matter on the beach in Mexico? Or, seeing that Millennials Matter is being read in South Africa? I’m almost speechless on how generous you are – packing a hardcover book in your suitcase when you’re traveling around the world is….humbling. Thank you for your commitment in spreading the word that we all matter to the King of the Universe.

Dave Donaldson (CityServ): You’re a prophetic leader, Dave. You inspire us to put the practical work of hands and feet to the 10 areas that we as the church need to address in order to be relevant in today’s culture. In becoming relevant, we create cultures in our churches and non-profits that we engaging for Millennials and Next-Gen leaders. Thanks for being the icebreaker on this initiative and for inviting me to be a part of that team. It was an honor to contribute a chapter, Millennials Making a Difference, other leaders.

Mark Guthier: No one is more sold out on reaching the next generation of leaders than you and your team, Mark! Thanks for being a partner in this endeavor. As Pete Henschel said in his endorsement, “Millennials Matter is a well-researched book that is a practical tool for navigating the perils of successfully onboarding Millennials into our enterprises.” We all desperately need wise next-gen leaders.



John Ortberg: God is Closer Than you Think, had such a helpful framework that I mentioned it in both of my books, Millennials Matter and Letters From the King. Thank you for challenging us to be better leaders in all areas of life, so that we are trustworthy role models for our next-gen Leaders.


Kevin Mitchell: We’ve been working for at least a decade on strengthening emerging leaders to be positive change agents. It all started when you shared an amazing book with me, Anointed for Business. Thanks for inviting me to join you in the work you are doing, Kevin. I also appreciate your Amazon Five Star Review: “Outstanding book and timely. Businesses today operate in an unprecedented multi-generational environment. Many have 4 or even 5 generations represented on their team. The Millennials are now the majority in many companies. Understanding the character and expectations of this generation is incredibly important to adapting management, communications, and culture to unleash the potential of this generation. This book is a must-read for business leaders.”

Tom Helling: When I think of generous leaders, Tom, I think of you. In all our conversations, you’ve been helpful, insightful, and encouraging. The global impact of High Speed Luke, amazes me. So does your willingness to help young leaders (i.e. my daughter) by introducing them to your networks. Your introduction to John Ramstead, from Eternal Leadership, lead to an engaging discussion on hiring and retaining Millennials. We have also connected about other leadership opportunities. Thanks for your generosity.


Larry Kutzler (City Sites): Much has happened since we first met, Larry, and you invited me to serve on your Board of Directors. You have embraced my entrepreneurial ideas and encouraged me to exercise and strengthen my voice via the media. In the midst of all the ups and downs, you have been a constant inspiration on how to live faithfully in this culture. You remind us that it is in our faithfulness to God, that we can be the salt and light we are called to be.

Focus on Family: Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be sitting in the Focus on the Family studio, home to some of my heroes, Dr. James Dobson and Jim Daley. In a world where the family seems to be ripped apart, you are committed to building strong families who will raise strong children and leaders. Keep doing your good work.



Rhonda Kalal: Letters from the King would never have happened without your persistent encouragement, Rhonda. And of course, then, Millennials Matter never would have happened. I am deeply grateful for your constant friendship.



Bob Ryan: The work you do is not only transformational around the globe, it’s been transformational for me also. The way in which you and Linda have been so faithful in following where the Lord is leading, inspires me.



Jeff Pelletier: Your “Life’s Core Purpose” methodology is so powerful that I chose to interview you for Millennials Matter. Your work is critical for leaders who are committed to creating an engaging culture that attracts and retains Millennials. Thank you for the great gift you bring to the world, Jeff.


Paul Knight: You’re a visionary leader for all ages, Paul. I can always count on you for Biblically sound insights in multiple arenas. Thank you for your Amazon Five Star Review: Danita Bye has done a great job giving guidance, practical tips, and great DAKOTA Leadership principles. She is an author who is actively working with Millennials and using the principles she is writing about. The book is helpful and insightful. To be honest, just reading the bits of Danita’s story made the book worth reading. Add in the Leadership insights and it’s a winner.”

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