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“No problem, I’ll just ask Siri!” On October 19, 2017, Daniel Brea uploaded “A Millennial Job Interview” on Vimeo. During the 3 minute tongue-in-cheek portrayal of Millennial stereotypes, you will see how young Amy handles (bungles) her job interview.  Constantly texting, barely making eye contact with the interviewer, she demands flexible work hours. When the interviewer suggests that she might not have the necessary skills for the job, Amy shrugs her shoulders and says, “No problem, I’ll just ask Siri!” When told that she is probably not a fit, she indignantly demands to speak to HR. She wants to lay a complaint even though she hasn’t been hired!How do you feel about the millennial stereotypes we hear and read about every day? Do you see them in your business?

“The sewn-in ribbon bookmark serves as a pause button.”  What an interesting insight from the professors from the Liffrig Family School of Education and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. They discovered a fun way to approach the review of Millennials Matter - a ‘book club’ strategy where different professors were assigned one chapter for their reflection.As you coach and mentor your up-and-coming millennial leader and salesperson, what can you learn from them?

We need resilient Millennials to reach our growth goals - all CEO’s, business leaders, and sales executives agree. In today’s fast-changing business environment, resilience is a sought-after character trait. Yet, finding Millennial salespeople with mental toughness isn’t always easy. Some of the leaders I talk to, compare it to looking for a needle in a haystack.In my recent Forbes article, Two Secrets to Building Resilience in Millennial Leaders to Achieve Sales Results, I discuss three action steps to assist you as you coach and mentor your millennial sales leader on resiliency. You can read the full Forbes article here.How can you use your experience and wisdom to transform your millennial salespeople into resilient leaders who can reach and exceed their sales goals?

The inability of your Millennial sales leader and salespeople to deal with rejection effectively undermines your brilliant strategic plans.How much does your up-and-coming sales leader struggle in handling rejection? How often does this become a weak link in his or her sales armor, preventing them from being as courageous as they need to be in stretching and expanding their leadership comfort zone?My recent Forbes article, Two Secrets to Building Resilience in Millennial Leaders to Achieve Sales Results, highlights three action steps you can use to coach and mentor your Millennial sales leader on resiliency and to:
  • take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors;
  • creatively overcoming their latest challenge; and
  • get back into the ring when they fall.
You can read the full Forbes article here.How does your Millennial sales leader react when they get rejected?