Are you Crystal Clear on your Leadership VISION, VALUES, AND VIRTUES?

Are you Crystal Clear on your Leadership VISION, VALUES, AND VIRTUES?

With 79% of Millennials seeking a coach or mentor, and 91% aspiring to leader, they have a series of pressing questions on their mind when they interact with you:

  • Can I trust you as a leader?
  • Are you firmly grounded in who you are and your purpose in life?
  • Are you a person of  integrity? Do you stick to your values and virtues, even under pressure?

thus, here are my questions for you, the leader:

  • Do you have a vision statement?
  • How about a values statement?
  • Have you ever thought of writing a virtues statement?

A Google search to learn more about writing a vision statement left me confused. There are just so many different ideas. And really – what is the difference between a vision, mission, and purpose statement. Some experts define each of these in one way. Others will say exactly the opposite!

To take the guesswork out of writing your personal, and company, vision, values, and virtues statements, I invite you to read the articles below:

Does Your Vision Energize you, Millennial Leader?

To lead well and to have the trust needed to mentor Millennials, you need to be firmly grounded and rooted. A Personal Vision Statement will add this clarity.


How to Write Your Personal Value Statement   

Do you know what really matters to you? Gaining clarity on your values guides our decisions, increase our confidence and improve, emotional stamina to overcome challenges.


How to Activate Virtues that will Boost Moral Fiber

When we talk about virtues, we can easily get branded as old-school or being out of touch with today’s culture.  However, as leaders, we aspire to be a person of trust that can positively influence the next generation of leaders.


Getting your Vision, Values and Virtues formalized AND bringing it alive in your business can be a daunting task. Contact me if you need some outside insight.

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