Inspiration for 2021 from Danita Bye

A Leadership Development piece of wisdom for 2021.

Inspiration for 2021 from Danita Bye

Having grown up on The Triple T Ranch, I heard this from my parents often, “Things take time.”

My friend, Janie Jasin, says, “They must be very patient people!”

I hadn’t thought of it that way growing up. It’s true, isn’t it?

Patience – a virtue that sometimes is difficult for us as business leaders and entrepreneurs. Yet, it’s so needed, especially during these uncertain and unpredictable times.  Many of us may not have reached the goals we noted on our 2020 Strategic Plan – we were thrown way too many curveballs both professionally and personally!

Yet, in the midst of the disruption, many of us also found time to innovate, train, and develop so that we will be stronger than ever in 2021.

Yes, things do take time…whether ranching, or selling, or building a business, or leading.

Good friends of our family from South Africa, Rudi and Sharon Swanepoel, shared this, “Today is a glorious day to close the chapters that have been open too long in your life. As we close the old year, identify a few old, unfinished, forgotten, and outdated chapters you need to turn the page on. I have found that when you do this, you are actually making room for a New Chapter or two to open for you.”

There was an interesting conversation on Linked where I posted this meme:

A Leadership Development piece of wisdom for 2021.

Rocky LaGrone: Many know the Abe Lincoln quote: “Good things come to those who wait”. But not many realize there was a second part to that: “…but only what’s left over by those who got there first”.

Danita: I’m a Strengths Finder fan. Interestingly, I think the way Activators express their patience…is by doing! Activators are those who have the ability to turn thoughts, ideas, and concepts into action. They learn by doing. They believe that the best, and sometimes the only way to get the ball rolling, is to act. The only way to build courage is by doing. They do, do, do…until there’s an ingenuity breakthrough.

So, let’s innovate, train, and develop so that we’re all stronger than ever in 2021.

Robert Sutter: It will take time but plant a tree that does not require much water!

Danita: I’m reading Start Up Nation, which is about Israel’s birth as a nation. They are able to grow abundant vegetation in a desert. It’s a desert! They’ve learned how to strategically use every micro-drop of water!

That’s a good word for us as we go into 2021. Let’s use every drop, every micro-drop of resources, insight, and encouragement, to innovate, train, and develop so that we’re stronger than ever in 2021.

Dr. Dick Daniels: The wisdom to know when to wait or when to move forward is the gift of leadership.

Danita: May we hone the gifts of Wisdom, Insight, Knowledge, and Discernment so that you’re stronger than ever in 2021.

I trust my parent’s motto of, “Things Take Time” is an encouragement to you both professionally and personally. In fact, I’d love to hear your story. Send me an email at Or, text me at 612-267-3320.

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  • Tom Kieffer
    Posted at h, Reply

    Danita I remember as a young man working construction I was given the task of moving a very large hill of dirt, by myself with just a shovel and a wheelbarrow. I enjoyed physical labor and was not afraid to work hard or get dirty … but man was that hill large. I was having a real challenge visualizing that I would ever finish the task and actually felt a little overwhelmed and discouraged. About the 3rd wheel barrow in I noticed that the hill was now smaller than it had been … and that with every shovelful of dirt, it kept getting smaller. That was the Ah Ha moment. This was now no longer a daunting task but rather a simple one. All I had to do was put the next shovelful of dirt into the wheel barrow. One shovelful at a time. And in now time at all, I had moved that pile of dirt and was able to move on to more enjoyable tasks. Yes, Things Take Time! I’ve found that patience comes more easily when I do all that I can and then get busy with other tasks and in due season I’ve accomplished much more than I though I could because of using the time available wisely. Wise time management makes the Things that Take Time easier to manage. It just doesn’t seem that I’m having to be patient because I’m not just standing around with my hands in my pockets, I’m busy with other tasks that produce the results that I want.


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