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With 10,000 baby boomers retiring per day, we need to muster all our resources to build the Millennial Leaders into strong, high-character leaders now. Millennials will be assuming leadership roles and responsibilities in the enterprise you've put your heart and soul into. It’s time for leaders to stop complaining about Millennials and start coaching and mentoring them.What is your strategy to mentor and coach your millennial leader? What resources do you have?

An instructor who cannot learn should not teach.– Danita Bye

As a leader who builds leaders, informal two-way mentoring is one of the strategies for sharing your leadership, sales and business wisdom and insights with your emerging leader, whether they are at work or on the home front.What is two-way mentoring? It’s an informal, collaborative willingness to learn from each other in order to grow one’s personal and professional capacity to lead wisely.60% of the leaders expressed frustration in our Millennial Survey, wondering how to work with this new crop of leaders. Two-way mentoring is an approach that’s steeped in deep respect for each other and a willingness and humbleness to learn from each other.What is your strategy to build your millennial leader so they can expand sales, grow revenues and ensure your business and predictable systems and processes will flourish in the future?

  “Leadership – The Dakota Way invites seasoned leaders of strength, stamina, and character to mentor Millennial entrepreneurs and sales professionals to lead well in the midst of change and uncertainty.”  ~ Danita Bye ​​​Seasoned Christian business leaders notice and feel concerned for the changes, shifts, and chaos happening...