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(This is a modified transcript from remarks I made serving on the “Workforce Challenges in the Energy Industry” panel at Great Plains EmPower Energy conference, which was held at the National Energy Center of Excellence in Bismarck, ND. The panel was facilitated by ND Commerce Commission, Michelle Kommer. Kathy Neset, founder of Neset Consulting Service, whom also serves as the chair of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, as well as servicing on the ND Board of Higher Education and Minneapolis Federal Reserve Board.)

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring per day, we need to muster all our resources to build the Millennial Leaders into strong, high-character leaders now. Millennials will be assuming leadership roles and responsibilities in the enterprise you've put your heart and soul into. It’s time for leaders to stop complaining about Millennials and start coaching and mentoring them. What is your strategy to mentor and coach your millennial leader? What resources do you have?



Minn., MN- In a market where experienced leaders are rapidly retiring, author Danita Bye shares a solution for the business world in Millennials Matter (BroadStreet Publishing, December 2017). The answer? Prepare the next generation! Business leaders have a deep concern when they see how few millennials have the leadership and sales acumen to fuel their business growth or transition. In fact, in the Millennials Matter survey, 60% of CEOs and presidents’ responses indicate they have deep concerns with how to work with this generation. Bye is an experienced business leader drawing on practical insights. She loves and understands millennials and believes they could be the new “greatest generation.” Join her passionate journey and discover how to help young leaders get leadership traction and how to be a better manager.