Are you Passionate about Millennial Leadership Coaching?

Are you Passionate about Millennial Leadership Coaching?

Many business leaders are concerned about the gap they see in the character, emotional maturity, interpersonal skills, and communication competencies in next-gen leaders. Some are asking, “How might higher education contribute in closing the gap?”

A few years ago, I gave the com­mencement speech for my alma mater, the University of Sioux Falls, in South Dakota. Afterwards, Dr. Mark Benedetto, then president of the University of Sioux Falls, told me that I had nailed it! I had cast a compelling vision for the value of a private Christian university – to train young leaders to live their faith practically 24/7 in the everyday world, in their chosen profession.

We are not only preparing our emerging leaders for their future jobs. We are also preparing them to for their future life as strong, character-based leaders and citizens who will:

  • Know how to make ethical decisions – doing the right thing even when nobody is looking. Now it’s in the classroom while writing an exam, tomorrow it’s in the boardroom;
  • Choose to be accountable – accepting responsibility for their actions and choices. Now it’s in the way they study, tomorrow it’s whether they reach their targets and goals; and,
  • Treat others respectfully – even when encountering people with a different belief or opinion. Today it’s fellow students and college professors, tomorrow it’s colleagues, clients and the competition.

After reading Millennials Matter, Dr. Benedetto, sent me this email:

Dear Danita, I finished your book. I found it to be a must-read for anyone in a position of leadership.

More and more higher education instructors are leveraging Millennials Matter, to lead, guide, and mentor Transformational Leadership principles. This is great news!

I received a note from Dr. Heather Holleman, Department of English at The Pennsylvania State University:

I have loved Millennials Matter. I’ve encouraged the CRU team leaders here at Penn State to purchase it for how we coach leaders this summer and next year. I found so many treasures of wisdom in that book.

Jerome J. Richter is the Vice President for Public Affairs at the University of Mary. He agrees that Millennials deserve our wisdom and insight. I was inspired by the endorsement he wrote after reading Millennials Matter:

I was an educator in both secondary and higher education and now I’m a university administrator. Millennials Matter reinforces my belief that virtue is the answer for a world crying for meaning. More importantly, it gives guidance on how to lead what could be the greatest generation yet. Thank you, Danita, for this pay-it-forward insight!

Karel Sovig is a business professor at the University of Mary. He is using Millennials Matter as the “textbook” for seniors enrolled in the Emerging Leadership Class. As part of the process, the students will be reading Millennials Matter and submitting “questions to the author.”  I’m looking forward to attending class and personally answering some of those questions!

Ed Schafer, Governor of North Dakota (1992–2000) and US Secretary of Agriculture (2008), was instrumental in the Leadership Program at University of Mary. He has served as UND Interim President in the past and is passionate about higher education. This is what he said about Millennials Matter 

… a must read for anyone interested in preparing new leaders to meet the challenges of the future. Danita Bye leads us through the steps to help develop values-based differentia in emerging adults. She gives us the tools to discover the potential in others to lead. Reading this book will compel you to evaluate your responsibility to transfer your leadership attributes to those who follow.

Are you passionate about Millennial Leadership Coaching? Use your leadership wisdom and experience to help close the gap that many people identify in our up-and-coming leaders. Maybe you don’t hold a position in the higher educational sphere. It doesn’t matter. If you have a Millennial in your life, you are called to make a difference. Join my movement to stop complaining and start coaching them today.

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Leadership Lesson: Your Millennial leader needs you to develop their potential for greatness. 

Leadership Question: What can you do to improve the way you mentor and coach the Millennial Leader in your life?

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