How to Achieve Sales Growth Through the 5 mm Domino Effect – TEDx Talk Series


How to Achieve Sales Growth Through the 5 mm Domino Effect – TEDx Talk Series

In our Millennial Survey, one of the participants directed me to her favorite domino video – you may have seen it before. A physicist demonstrates how a domino can knock over another domino one and a half times its size. He continues to explain that, in only 29 moves, a micro-sized domino that’s only five millimeters high can eventually knock down a domino the size of the Empire State Building. Amazing, isn’t it? What sales strategy do you as leaders have to create motivation that could make a huge difference in your Millennials’ lives today?

After interacting with my TEDx talk, many leaders confessed to me that they had NO Idea how much power one tiny domino can have! This means we can start with small steps to make a huge impact on someone’s life – small domino moves like these…


We can do this… we can sat down our cell phones. We can turn the technology aside. We can connect with people. It’s a 5 mm micro-move, micro-moment that can have a major impact on someone’s life.

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Danita Bye Tedx Talk
To learn about the domino moves you can make to strengthen your next-gen leader’s growth journey I invite you to watch the video of my TEDx Talk here. Please like, comment, and share it with others who are leading, coaching and mentoring emerging leaders
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