How to Improve Sales Performance: Identify Weaknesses Limiting Sales Results

How to Improve Sales Performance: Identify Weaknesses Limiting Sales Results


It was great reconnecting with old friends at the recent Xerox reunion. Interestingly, we discovered that there’s a common thread when talking with CEO’s, presidents and sales leaders of all the different industries we currently serve. What’s the commonality?

Most believe they aren’t generating all the revenue their company is capable of or that they desire. Some fair better than others. But more often than not, we pick up their frustration that the numbers (revenue, margin and market share) could be much better than they are.

Actually, this is more than just a belief – the numbers don’t lie. When I think of my Xerox days I think of winners; salespeople who will meet their quotas despite the obstacles they faced. Now research shows that, on average, only 60% of salespeople meet their quotas.

So what is the root cause?

Are the sales quotas unrealistically high, or are the salespeople simply not effective?
On September 12th I’m co-sponsoring a live online presentation where Dave Kurlan of Objective Management Group will discuss the hidden sales weaknesses that limit sales performance. If you would like to hear the answers to the questions above, please join me at this live webinar. See below for more details and how to register.
The 6 Hidden Sales Weaknesses that Limit Sales Results
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Founder and CEO of Objective Management Group

In this fast-paced presentation, Dave will dig into the data from more than 1 million salespeople and explain how just 6 hidden sales weaknesses could be the cause for all of this mediocrity.

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