5 Success Mindsets to Achieve Breakthrough Sales Growth Results

5 Success Mindsets to Achieve Breakthrough Sales Growth Results

In the aftermath of the pandemic, business and sales leaders don’t have the luxury to resort to a “play-it-safe” strategy. In today’s “New Normal”, the conditions call for quick thinking, innovative approaches, and strategic listening. I believe that your leadership matters.

On May 29th, I’ll be delivering a keynote address at the Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit 2020. Industry leaders from across the globe will be sharing their expertise and insight on the topic of Navigating the New Normal.

What can you do? By building the right mindsets in salespeople, you can energize and prepare them to thrive through turbulence.  In an unpredictable, uncertain world, I predict that The Five Success Mindsets will impact the global world of business and sales drastically. I predict that asking this question of ourselves will create windows of opportunity for ourselves and those in lead: What might I do to make a positive difference?

Prediction #1: A Future-Focused Mindset Creates a Successful Covid-19 Recovery Plan   

A Future-Focused Mindset provides the clarity leaders need to create a step-by-step pathway forward. These leaders are committed to develop a recovery plan that will get them the results they want in the future. They aren’t lamenting about the past.

Prediction #2: An Innovative Mindset Finds Solutions to Insurmountable Problems

An Innovative Mindset is needed for creative problem-solving. Breakthrough ideas are needed to create and execute your recovery plan. Leaders with this mindset are open to considering new possibilities, options, and connections.  They find solutions that give them the competitive edge to develop new products and services and attack markets in new ways.

Prediction #3: An Ownership Mindset Expands Sales Capacity and Leadership Influence

An Ownership Mindset motivates leaders to expand their knowledge and effectiveness. They leverage their internal and external resources, working for the greater good of everyone.

Prediction #4: An Action Mindset Creates Momentum Towards Achieving Goals

An Action Mindset compels leaders to take responsible risks and stretch their comfort zones. They are determined to move from just talking to doing. They are committed to doing what is necessary to move forward and reach their goals. They persist, even when the challenges appear daunting and insurmountable.

Prediction #5: A Optimistic Mindset Focuses on a Positive Future

A Optimistic Mindset allows leaders to inspire their sales teams to move towards a positive future. They can get everyone on the team moving in the same direction. Leaders with this mindset do not get distracted by the chaos that surrounds them.


With the right mindsets, and the right question, we can turn what seems to be a risky business into exciting opportunities.  Strengthening the Five Success Mindsets will be paramount in putting your remote salespeople and your business back on a sustainable growth track.

It’s time to come together and rebuild what an invisible enemy has destroyed. Your leadership matters.

Join me for the virtual summit Navigating the New Normal on May, 29 at 9:30 pm Central. Register here: bit.ly/VirtualSalesStrategySummit 

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