Sales Strategy: How to Conquer Everest in this Economic Recovery

Sales Strategy: How to Conquer Everest in this Economic Recovery

“I’m distraught when I look at my salespeople’s pipelines. They’re decimated. My salespeople are discouraged also. What might I do to get them focused and motivated, so they have the resiliency to keep climbing out of this economic recovery?” (Rory, President of a Technology Company.)

The anxiety in Rory’s voice was unmistakable. I can empathize. The disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is formidable. I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes,“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ~ Sir Edmund Hillary

Millennial Sales Motivation: 3 Steps to Inspiring your Sales Teams to Overcome Challenges equips leaders, like yourself, with practical tools and resources. It’s loaded with practical tips to bolster motivation and engagement during these crazy times. 

What coaching conversations do your salespeople need to have with you during this challenging time? Yes, they want and need to hear from you directly! 

Mount Everest Inspiration for Sales

I recently reviewed the heroic trek of explorer and mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary, to conquer Mount Everest. It epitomizes the motivation and perseverance needed as we face these unprecedented times. 

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary’s friend and mountaineering guide, Tenzing Norgay, joins him to climb to the top of Mount Everest – the tallest mountain on earth. 

As you can imagine, there are major setbacks and complications along the way.  Yes, the climb up Mount Everest is always dangerous. However, a decision they make along the way makes the trek even more treacherous. (That happens to us, also – we make decisions that make the way even more convoluted!) 

The climbing team decides to climb over an ultra-dangerous ice flow to get to the top. While climbing, snow clogs Tensing’s oxygen pipe. If you were a mountain climber, (which I’m not)  you know that at that high altitude they can’t take off their masks. They will suffocate. So, there is no way that Tenzing can tell Sir Edmund that he is in trouble. 

By some miracle, Sir Edmund notices his friend’s distress and manages to empty the pipe and save his life.  It’s a narrow escape…with a successful ending. 

Making it to the top of this daunting mountain inspires Sir Edmund to climb ten other mountains in the Himalayas.

This one success…leads to many more successes. 

Mount Everest Lessons 

As we begin dealing with the new dynamics of recovery, Sir Edmund’s wise words ring true, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” 

Now is the time to work with your salespeople to ignite that mountain-climbing sales drive that your salespeople need to fight against the seemingly unsurmountable obstacles they face. 

Millennial Sales Motivation equips you to be the catalyst your salespeople need to focus forward, to build resilience, and to keep motivated on the long journey ahead of them both personally and professionally. - Danita Bye Click To Tweet

Prioritize Engagement 

The First Step in the eBook focuses on prioritizing engagement. Engagement is a big word that the industry tosses around. But, what does it really mean? 

An engaging culture is one where your employees… 

  • value their work
  • care about the performance of the company, and,
  • feel that their efforts are important enough to make a difference.

On a scale of 0 to 10 (which 10 being perfect), how engaging is your sales culture?

In Millennial Sales Motivation, you’ll discover the importance of:

  • Developing Strong Relationships – Did you know that 88% of Millennials prefer collaboration? They are open to receiving coaching from a leader with whom they have a strong, authentic, trusting relationship. How would they rate you on those characteristics?
  • Giving Recognition & Regular Feedback – Would it surprise you to learn that 72% of Millennials and emerging leaders want more feedback from their leaders? They want to know what they might do to improve their performance moving forward. How would your team rate you on the quality and quantity of feedback they get from you?
  • Individualizing Motivation – What might you change when you’re wearing your “motivation hat” if you knew that 100% of Millennial salespeople want to be treated as unique? They want to know that you truly care about their goals, dreams, and passions. How might your team rate you on deeply understanding them and their hopes and dreams?

To start inspiring your salespeople to overcome challenges, I invite you to get the new Millennial Sales Motivation eBook

Your leadership matters! You have the wisdom to prepare them for their journey to the summit of personal and professional success. Resilient salespeople intentionally cultivate a bounce-back mindset that helps them thrive in the thick of economic turbulence. So, what’s your role in helping to build that resiliency? 

Remember: “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” 

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Leadership Question: How will you create a motivational culture during these challenging times?

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