How to Implement a Strategic Sales Management Process

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How to Implement a Strategic Sales Management Process

How’s your sales team doing? If they are not exceeding your revenue, margin and market-share goals, you need to make rapid course corrections.  How might you assist your sales manager to get the clarity and confidence needed to chart a course to meet and exceed your sales targets?


Many owners, CEO’s and Presidents talk enthusiastically about the red-hot markets. However, when we switch gears and talk about sales execution and whether or not their revenues are keeping pace, their countenance cools.

How’s your team doing? Based on their current trajectory, will you exceed your revenue, margin and market-share goals?

Here’s what I find: Few sales managers have the insights to make needed rapid course corrections. To make shifts you need:

  • An understanding of whether or not your sales-force even can be more effective. You may have maxed up their capacity to compete based on your current sales strategy.
  • However, if there was growth-ability, how much more effective could they be, and what would it take to accomplish that, plus how long?
  • What kind of ROI can you expect?

In the process of answering these questions for you through our proven process, we will also answer questions such as …How motivated are your sales people, and what are their short-term priorities for your accelerated growth. Do your systems and processes support a high-performance sales organization?

These insights provide the clarity and confidence to chart a course to meet and exceed your sales targets.

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