Coach Emerging Leaders to Tap Resources that build a SISU Spirit

Coach Emerging Leaders to Tap Resources that build a SISU Spirit

“Don’t let your resources go untapped – they fuel your success.”
~ Danita Bye


Upon being awarded Rangeman of the Year in 1987, my dad said, “The earth is the Lord’s footstool; we have the privilege of taking care of a small portion of it.” I’m inspired by my dad’s commitment to be a wise steward. But, what does that have to do with coaching emerging sales leaders and entrepreneurs?

His stewardship mindset fueled a Sisu spirit of determination and accountability. It required him, as well as my mom, to tap all their resources, both internal and external, to succeed in this great endeavor. Don’t all great endeavors seem to require all the resources available to us, both seen and unseen? .
Tap Your Resources – third action step in strengthening your Sisu Spirit. We are uniquely wired with talents, strengths, experiences and networks. Use them to achieve your goals.
Here are 4 tips for coaching young sales and entrepreneurial leaders on how to identify and tap the resources to fuel their successes.
1. Spot Talents
Talent – a natural aptitude or skill. 

What personal gifts and talents have you spotted in those you lead and coach? How might they leverage those to become stronger sales people, entrepreneurs and leaders? Engage them in the talents’ discovery dialogue. In addition to your feedback and their personal reflection, there are numerous surveys and assessment tools to help young leaders spot gifts and talents.
2. Share Strengths
Strength – a talent in service of others.

I often see young leaders who are blessed with buckets full of talents, but who are myopically focused on pursuing their own self-gratification. I’m reminded of Zig Ziglar’s wisdom, “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want.” This requires putting talents to work in the service of others, doesn’t it?
3. Support Experience
Experience Practical wisdom gained from what one has observed or encountered.

No matter how many degrees we have (or don’t have,) personal experience gives us true insight.  Our failures often teach us more about ourselves than any amount of formal study.  Be courageous. Humbly share your sales and leadership triumphs AND tragedies. Young sales and business leaders crave this authentic dialogue.
4. Schedule Networking
Network – An association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance.

​Introduce your mentees to your wider ecosystem with both informal lunches and formal meetings. Many organizations offer monthly peer circles for emerging leaders. Here they can experience firsthand the value of tapping their resources, by gaining mentorship, advice and new networking opportunities.
The confident sales, entrepreneurial and business leader of character recognizes and helps each person leverage their talents, strengths, experiences and network to create win-win scenarios.
My parents’ stewardship mindset taught me the responsibility we have to take care of nature. Then nature will take care of us. Leaders who know that they need to tap their resources – use the talents and gifts of others to further their business growth – also take care of others by coaching, developing and nurturing those talents. This fuels the SISU Spirit.
Leadership lesson: Help others to identify and leverage all the resources available to them, both internal and external.
Leadership question: How might you help future leaders to make the best possible use of the resources that surround them?

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​​© Copyright Danita Bye, 2016
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