Recapping Leadership Tips to Strengthen the Sisu Spirit

Recapping Leadership Tips to Strengthen the Sisu Spirit

“Young Millennials can be victors – not victims.”
 ~ Danita Bye

leadership-development-danita-byeOver the past few weeks we’ve explored different action steps to coach, mentor, and develop Next Gen sales, business and entrepreneurial leaders to overcome the cultural norms of blame-game and finger-pointing that infiltrates modern-day thinking.
The Sisu Spirit I inherited from my Finnish ancestors, which was nurtured in those homestead-like conditions, challenges me to live with a mindset that seeks to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. This is the kind of spirit we should nurture in our future leaders as affirmed by the American Society of Positive Psychology.
Here’s a short recap of the six action steps that we, as seasoned CEOs, presidents, sales leaders and entrepreneurs might implement to help young Millennials strengthen their Sisu Spirit and reach their full potential, instead of becoming part of the “entitlement generation” statistics.

1. Fight Finger Pointing: Choose not to blame the past as an excuse for a current bad situation.

How can you help Next Gen leaders recognize this “blame-trap”? An action-oriented and ownership mindset is at the heart of personal and professional leadership. It’s an important character trait to nurture in emerging leaders so they can reach their potential.

2. Be a Solution Provider

Problem identifiers are a dime a dozen. Positive agents of change are those who not only notice problems but also start developing solutions.

How often do we hear meaningful dialogue about solutions? Television, newspapers, blogs, social media posts, and comment sections all seem to focus on identifying problems.That’s easy. Instead, show young leaders how to become problem solvers.

3. Tap Your Resources 

All great endeavors seem to require all the resources available to us, both seen and unseen.

What personal gifts and talents have you spotted in those you lead and coach? The confident sales, entrepreneurial and business leader of character recognizes and helps Next Gen leaders to leverage their talents, strengths, experiences, and network to create win-win scenarios.

4. Ask the Catalyst Question

“If I couldn’t use that excuse, what might I do to get the results I want?”

When you are caught up in chaos or seemingly impossible challenges, what might you do differently? Invite emerging sales and entrepreneurial leaders to ask action-oriented or excuse-buster questions. It nurtures personal responsibility, which is where the best solutions are found.

5. When the Pressure Mounts, Persevere

We have the opportunity to encourage young Millennials to persevere in searching for creative solutions instead of looking for a quick fix.

How do wise leaders coach and mentor emerging leaders to develop a stay-calm and resist-the-quick-fix character? Nurture the ability to keep a healthy, steady, non-anxious presence, even in the midst of storms.

6. Develop an Action Mindset

Great leaders take action and do what needs to be done. This is the mindset we can help foster in Next Gen leaders.

What do you do when high potential sales and entrepreneurial leaders have no understanding of the action mindset concept? Remind young leaders that action-oriented people don’t stop at developing creative solutions, they execute them.

My hope is that these ideas will inspire you to show Next Gen leaders how to overcome the blame-game mindset. Ignite a spark of the Sisu spirit so that they too might overcome seemingly impossible challenges.​​

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