Pulse Movement – On a Mission to Empower the Ukranian Church

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Pulse Movement – On a Mission to Empower the Ukranian Church

We’re just finishing one leadership development challenge, the Covid Crisis. Now, there’s a new humanitarian crisis unfolding with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.  Just like the last two years, various media reports are confusing. It’s hard to know who to believe and who to trust. It’s confusing.

Here’s a leadership development principle that isn’t confusing:  When there’s bad leadership, all the people suffer.

The Ukrainian people, who are just like you and me, who have families we love, are living as refugees in the middle of winter. That’s not confusing.

And, it’s not confusing that we are called to help our neighbors, especially during times of crisis.

But who can we trust to use our donations wisely and with integrity?

Now that can be confusing!

That’s why I am honored to introduce one such organization to you…

Who is the founder, Nick Hall? Nick Hall

Nick has deep North Dakota roots.

It all started at North Dakota State University. As a student, Nick was acutely aware of how depression, suicide, and other obstacles were challenging his peers. The idea for Pulse Movement was forged. This nonprofit organization began in an office in a North Dakota church basement. They did rallies in various areas throughout the Midwest, including Stanley.

Since those humble beginnings in 2006, Pulse Movement has hosted some of the largest next-generation events, both nationally and globally. They’ve impacted nearly five million students and young adults through live events.

In 2016, a Pulse event called Together 2016 drew hundreds of thousands to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and I was fortunate to be able to attend (pictured above)!

For the past 8 years, Pulse has invested in Russia and Eastern Europe as an extension of their passion for a population that is often overlooked, distressed, and under-served. Since 2014, they have held hundreds of events spanning across Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, impacting over 2,000,000 people, while contracting a core staff of five leaders on the ground and many more during events.

During this time, they have established deep relationships with churches and political leaders across the region, even establishing unprecedented in-roads with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Current Pulse Movement Ukraine Relief Report

In response to the urgent need in Ukraine, they have established the Pulse Ukraine Relief Fund under the financial stewardship of their Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team.

UkraineHere’s a short report from March, 2nd on how Pulse is making a difference…

“These are all refugees our Pulse team in Ukraine has helped across the border. Most of them were stuck at the border for over a week in the freezing cold. Every day, our team is helping provide transportation, food, and shelter. We are working to set up call centers for those crossing to be connected to churches and needed services, while linking arms with government agencies to set up refugee camps for the hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of displaced people. The situation is escalated daily and all of us can help! A few nights ago, calls came in the middle of the night from families who crossed the border in fields and forests, trying to escape the conflicts.  These people have left everything and need our help now. 100% of proceeds are going directly to needs on the ground.”

Invitation to Support Pulse Movement, a Trusted Resource 

To learn more about the work they are currently undertaking in the Russian-Ukraine conflict, go HERE.

Prayers for Ukraine

Finally, if you are guided to donate, I can wholeheartedly recommend this organization. Because I have known Nick Hall for many years, and have witnessed the work they do, I know Pulse will use 100% of your donation to bring hope and practical relief to the most vulnerable. When there’s good leadership, people are helped and encouraged.

To donate, go HERE

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