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Many leaders don’t see “gratitude” as a real business leadership strategy to achieve concrete results. I don’t blame them! In our fast-paced leadership world of high-tech, robotics, cultural upheaval, and global turmoil, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. How effectively is your leadership strategy delivering the concrete results you need to grow your business?

After posting a leadership development article on Gratitude, I get this great response from a colleague and friend, Erik Beckler, author of Four Fundamentals of Leadership:

“Chronic fear is debilitating. Showing gratitude in leadership is a great way to counter fear in yourself and others.  When gratitude is present and permeates a team culture, fear has a lot to go through to make an impact.”

How powerful is that!?

The leadership development interview with Scott Young of the Influencers Podcast went nothing like the pre-show conversation I had with Dave Donaldson! Yet, our conversation about Next-Gen and Millennial leadership spotlighted important insights. This is how Scott promotes our conversation:
  • Desperate for a change in leadership?
  • For someone you can trust?
  • Someone with clarity, character, and competence?
  • What if the leader that needs changing is you?