How Dedicated Sales Leaders Inspired Me to Greater Success

How Dedicated Sales Leaders Inspired Me to Greater Success

Any rookie salesperson will tell you that the world of sales can be cold and hard. Well, even seasoned professionals will confess the same.

Throughout my career, I have been extremely fortunate to have coaches and mentors who invited me to grow and challenged me to be my best. I owe a debt of gratitude to each and every one of them.

I also collaborate with many exceptional sales leaders who are doing the same for the up-and-coming leaders in their lives. Here’s a sampling of some of the people who are still inspiring my professional and personal journey. They share my passion to build, energize, and equip next-gen leaders for the future…


Jill Konrath (Founder, Women Sales Pros): “Jill, you’re relentlessly daring me to pursue my passions, my calling and my heart. Thank you for your constant drumbeat, and for leading the way on how to be open to new pathways for building next-gen leaders.”


Steve Rosen: “In every joint presentation we’ve had over the years, Steve, I’ve seen your passion for excellence, your commitment to serving others, and your drive to help leaders build engaging, thriving cultures. More than anything, I appreciate the random emails of encouragement saying, “You’re on the right track, Danita. Keep it up!” Thanks, Steve.”


Deb Calvert: “You seek to build leaders in all that you do, Deb, whether it’s through the Sales Expert Channel or through the books you author, including Stop Selling and Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen. I’m so humbled by your amazing support and your Amazon Five Star Review: If you live with, work with, attend events with, or even ride the bus with people under 35, this book is a must-read. As an Executive Coach, I get asked questions nearly every day that are answered in this book. What I liked best about Millennials Matter is that there are practical solutions. So much has been written about generational divides that is theoretical and, while interesting, only serves to widen the gap. The strategies here bridge any gaps and dignify the strengths of Millennials.”

Liz Heiman: “What an incredible journey you are on, Liz! Every time I connect with you, I get new insights on the importance of building a strong sales organization where people of all ages thrive, including Millennials.”

Shari Levitin: “You were the first one to post a picture of you holding Millennials Matter on social media. You proclaimed to the world that you were taking it on vacation with you! Thanks so much for believing in the project and for your Five Star Amazon Review: “Outstanding insights that are applicable to anyone with Millennials in their life, which means all of us. What stood out most for me is Danita’s sense of self, her integrity, and compassion. She gives practical advice that can be applied immediately. As a bonus, the writing is terrific. A must read!”


Paul Yahnke: “Millennials Matter Movement would not have gotten the traction it did without your support and help, Paul. You’ve been such a faithful advocate. I admire your commitment to excellence and your successful sales leadership track record.”


Wendy Blomseth: “Our conversations have been so life-impacting to me, Wendy, that I included a chapter in Millennials Matter entitled, “Be the Domino Difference.”


Dan Allen: “How could I have made it without you, my friend?!? Every Millennial needs a friend like you when they are starting out.”


Lori Richardson: Thanks for your tremendous leadership in crafting a workplace where every Millennial can belong. Thanks for our Amazon two-thumbs up review: “I work with recent college graduates everyday in entry level sales positions. What I liked most about this book was the stories and the very practical tips. Having younger voices chime in throughout the book makes it a very practical handbook for those working to better understand this segment of employees, buyers, family members and neighbors.”



Nancy Bleeke:(Amazon Review): “Danita wisely outlines key factors necessary to lead employees to productivity and becoming our future leaders. With a practical and thoughtful approach to not only lead millennials but to develop them into productive team members, leaders, and citizens, this book is a must-read to bridge the distance and “they’re not like us” mentality.”


Alice Kemper: (Amazon Review): “Love the spot-on three key actions to coach Millennials. Give Regular and Immediate Feedback and Encouragement publicly and privately. Recognize Their Individuality. Spot their Talents and Strengths as they are hungry to learn and this shows you are moving their career forward. “



Karyn Kopp: (Amazon Review): “A timely book, written to help business leaders understand and mentor the millennials in their workforce and to recognize their importance to the company’s future. Danita reminds all of us to value our different experiences and “live with a high regard for one’s work.”


Carole Mahoney: (Amazon Review): “Business leaders cannot afford to ignore how they are developing the next generation of leaders. So many leadership books today are focused on what you must do and how you must act to be a leader. Few, if any, address how to transition leadership and the internal work that must be done in order to transition successfully. This book does just that. If you are a leader wondering what is going on in the mind of your millennials, Millennials Matter pulls back the curtain.”

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