How to Make a Huge Impact on your Next-Gen Leader’s Life – Millennials Matter TEDx Talk

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How to Make a Huge Impact on your Next-Gen Leader’s Life – Millennials Matter TEDx Talk

Five small steps you can take to make a huge impact on your next-gen leader’s growth. Over the past 5 weeks, I’ve shared video clips of the 5 top tips from my first ever TEDx talk, “Millennial Leadership: Stop Complaining, Start Coaching.” Check them out, then let me know your thoughts, perspectives, and experiences.

1. Growing Millennial Leadership – TEDx Talk Shows You How to Make a Major Difference With Micro Moves

 Have you considered what might happen if you coach your millennial s

We know that next-gen leaders do things differently, and for some, this is a problem. Instead of talking negatively about our differences, how might you be intentional in coaching and mentoring next-gen leaders to excel in their roles and as future leaders? By making micro-moves we can all exceed our growth goals.

2. Spotlight Your Millennial’s Talent to Stimulate Sales Growth

 Have you considered what might happen if you coach your millennial sales leader to identify and use their talents and core competencies to serve others? You have the experience, insight, and wisdom to transform their talents into strengths that can solve real-world problems.

3. How to Achieve Sales Growth Through the 5 mm Domino Effect

In only 29 moves, a micro-sized domino that’s only five millimeters high can eventually knock down a domino the size of the Empire State Building. Imagine the results you and your next-gen leader can achieve when you start with small steps to help them reach their full potential?  

4. How to Increase Sales through Face to Face Conversations

Put up the do-not-disturb sign when you’re coaching your millennial sales leader. Your investment of quality time is a micro-move that can shift the trajectory of their life.  How might you use your experience to turn their nervous energy into sales excitement that will boost your business growth?

5. Leadership Coaching Through Connecting Face-to-Face

Consider the following next time you’re having a coaching or mentoring conversation with your next-gen leader:

  • What might happen if you switch off your cell phone and put it out of sight?
  • What might happen when your Millennial walks into your office, you immediately turn away from your computer screen, smile, make eye contact, and focus 100% on them?

Are you ready to grab the micro-moments and make a domino-difference in your next-gen leader’s life? You have the opportunity to develop our future leaders to become the greatest generation ever and create a win-win-win for you, for them, and for your business.

Danita Bye Tedx Talk
To get more insights on unlocking your next-gen leader’s potential, watch the video of the Tedx Talk here. Please like, comment, and share it with others who are leading, coaching, and mentoring emerging leaders.
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