Leadership Coaching Through Connecting Face-to-Face – Millennials Matter TEDx Talk

Leadership Coaching Through Connecting Face-to-Face – Millennials Matter TEDx Talk

 We often accuse Millennials of being addicted to their technology, don’t we?

Personal confession: I’m guilty too!”

Here’s me with my family having “family time” at the Minnesota State Fair.  Hilarious, huh? Well, actually it’s a bit embarrassing that someone caught this on camera.

What about you?

Yes, we love our phones and our computer. AND, we’re the leaders. We “get to” model effective, engaging behavior that brings out the best in emerging leaders, that encourages them to bring their best selves to work. This mean that we “get to” model how to use technology in a productive way, that still allows us to interact with each other as humans.

Yes, technology can be very effective. However, when we are working with emerging leaders, we often need to be more concerned with effectiveness.

So, I’m encouraging all of us to not put up the do-not-disturb sign when we’re coaching and interacting with our next-gen leader. Be the engaging leader.

Consider how your investment of quality time might be a micro-move that can shift the trajectory of their life. And, yours.


Set the cell phone aside. Set the cell phone aside, turn the technology off; connect with people face-to-face. People matter, Millennials matter.

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To learn how face-to-face interaction can strengthening your relationship with your next-gen leader, watch the video of the Tedx Talk here. Please like, comment, and share it with others who are leading, coaching and mentoring emerging leaders.
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