Keep Hope Alive! Leadership Development Will Bring Breakthrough Results in 2022

Danita Bye and Westin Bye

Keep Hope Alive! Leadership Development Will Bring Breakthrough Results in 2022

It’s a hope-filled, how-to Leadership Development guide for leaders hoping to passing the baton of high character leadership to Next-Gen and Millennials leaders.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since the launch of Millennials Matter, Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leaders?

I’m deeply grateful to leaders around the globe who are committed to wisely coaching, mentoring, and leading this up-and-coming generation.

At times, it can be fruitful and rewarding.

At other times, frustrating and discouraging. It feels like the calling is heaped with obstacles beyond anything we have ever experienced before in our leadership journey.

Don’t give up!  Keep hope alive!

Regardless of your current leadership role, whether it’s a president or a parent (or grandparent), your leadership wisdom, insight, knowledge, and discernment are vital. So, keep…..

  • coaching your future leader;
  • sharing your experience and skills with the Next-Gens in your sphere of influence; and
  • lighting the way in times of chaos and disruption.

Don’t give up! Keep hope alive!

Great leaders build great leaders. That’s why your leadership matters – NOW, more than ever.

For additional strategies on how you might keep hope alive, even when you’re frustrated with the seemingly futile efforts of your leadership coaching, I invite you to read these Millennials Matter Celebration articles.

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During times of disruption and chaos, great leadership is more important than ever. Keep building leaders for the future. Strong, character-based leaders who will be able to courageously overcome challenges and create innovative solutions are needed for the world.

Don’t give up!

Keep hope alive!

Leadership Lesson: Use your wisdom, insight, knowledge and discernment to create a culture where young leaders can thrive.

Leadership Question:  What might you do to make a positive impact on the leaders you’re developing for the future?

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