How to Manage Millennials: Reviewers Shatter the Stereotypes (Part 1)

How to Manage Millennials: Reviewers Shatter the Stereotypes (Part 1)

“The sewn-in ribbon bookmark serves as a pause button.” What an interesting insight from the professors from the Liffrig Family School of Education and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. They discovered a fun way to approach the review of Millennials Mattera ‘book club’ strategy where different professors were assigned one chapter for their reflection.

As you coach and mentor your up-and-coming millennial leader and salesperson, what can you learn from them?

“I finished your book. I found it to be a must-read for anyone in a position of leadership.”

Mark Benedetto, 22nd President of the University of Sioux Falls

Pause and Ponder

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Not everyone is able to start at page one and read through to the end of the book. From the onset, Millennials Matter invites leaders to:

  • contemplate the contents, and savor the ‘dialogue’ within;
  • the sewn-in ribbon bookmark serves as a pause button. You can close the book to consider the contents and pick up where you left off to continue the study of this remarkably complex generation.

Practice Proactive Self-care – A Valuable Tool in Social Work Classes

A professor in the Social Work program writes:

“I look forward to utilizing this book in classes in the upcoming year. I can easily see this being a very valuable tool both in my social work classes as well as my freshmen ELA class.”

Professor K teaches a class of high achievers. They are academically gifted. Many are involved in music, athletics, student organizations, volunteering, and paid employment. She constantly hears about the tendency of Millennials to be “plugged in” all the time. Yet, they are reporting more stress and loneliness, despite greater connectivity than ever before. She found the chapter on Self-Care especially helpful. Here’s why:

  • Talking about self-care, leadership, and getting enough rest are perfect to include in every class. The reason? It relates closely to the emotionally challenging nature of social work.
  • This section talks about reaching one’s goals, setting SMART goals, and recognizing when a person needs to recharge. This overlaps heavily with social work course content.

In our next blog post, you can get more tips from the professors. They agree that experienced leaders need to accept the challenge to develop the potential for greatness that exists within this generation, as it has in many generations before. Stop complaining and start coaching today!

“I am taking elements from Millennials Matter to use in my own research on seminary education as it pertains to preparing millenials. Learning how to walk beside millennials is an essential attribute for sound equipping. The Church and Christian educators need to understand the paradigm shifts in values, work and learning motivators, community, trust and world view from generation to generation.The primary points on which you write are translatable from business to education and the church.”

Kendra Diehl, Vice President, Director of Spiritual & Character Formation
The Master’s Institute, St. Paul, MN

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