Motivate Your Millennial Salespeople To Set Goals They Want To Achieve

Motivate Your Millennial Salespeople To Set Goals They Want To Achieve

“It’s time for my sales teams to stop lamenting COVID, the economy, the politics, isn’t it? I need help inspiring and engaging my millennial sales teams.  It feels like a constant uphill battle! Can you help?” ~ Rick, CEO of a graphic design company.

Do you share Rick’s sentiments?At the other end of the line is one of my favorite clients, Rick. I enjoy working with him. He never shies away from a challenge. However, today, I’m hearing the now all too familiar sound of anxiety in his voice.

Have you considered that your sales leaders and salespeople are facing an uphill battle, too?

To them, this COVID-19-uncertain-economy “hill” might look like a mountain. In my first article in this series, I share my awe for how Sir Edmund Hillary and his team conquered the majestic Mount Everest. I believe you’ll resonate with Sir Edmund’s inspirational quote, “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves,” and be able to share it with your sales leaders and sales teams.

What can you do to team up with your Millennial sales teams so that they can be successful – even when facing the most daunting challenges?

In Millennial Sales Motivation eBook I reveal my top 3 steps to inspire your sales teams to succeed during these uncertain challenges. The eBook is loaded with practical tips to bolster motivation, especially in your emerging sales leaders who may still be working remotely.

In previous articles in this series, Sales Strategy: How to Conquer Everest in this Economic Recovery and Create Motivation to Increase Your Sales Strategy, I talk about two steps you can take to engage and strengthen motivation in your Millennial leaders and salespeople –

• Prioritize engagement, and
• Grow your sales team’s sales capacity.

Step 3 focuses on goal setting.

Individualized Plans Motivate Your Millennial Salespeople

Goals are as unique as each person in your sales organization. There is no one-size-fits-all goal package. You want every member of your team to be motivated by their goals and be energized to climb their mountain. ~ Danita Bye Click To Tweet

Note: it’s their goals and mountain.

Why theirs? Because they may have zero energy to climb your mountain.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that there is alignment between your salesperson’s personal/professional goals and the company’s goals.

Plus, a clear Next Step Action Plan to achieve their goals is also needed.

Both sales leaders and salespeople tell me that it’ seems overwhelming to think about goal setting when the world appears to be chaotic and uncertain like it does in our COVID 19 world. Yet, as successful leaders, we know the power of having internal clarity, even in the midst of chaos.

Watch this video for more on the topic:

In Millennial Sales Motivation, you’ll discover how to work with your NextGen Salesperson to…

• Break goals down into small, manageable steps. Each small goal they achieve will build their confidence. That, in turn, will motivate them to press on with their journey to the top of their mountain.
• Set goals, using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym. We as leaders use this process intuitively. However, our emerging salespeople may not be aware of this tool. Now is the time to work with them to develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based goals for their future growth.

To learn more about these powerful motivation approaches, I invite you to get the new Millennial Sales Motivation eBook here.

Remember that 88% of Millennials prefer collaboration vs. a competitive work environment. In working alongside them, you create a win-win scenario – they reach their goals and you grow your business. The pandemic may have disrupted their lives, but you can remind them that they don’t have to conquer a mountain – they only have to conquer themselves to get to the top!

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Leadership Lesson: Work with your up-and-coming sales leader to set goals that will be a perfect fit for him or her.

Leadership Question: What might you do with the opportunities of this economic recovery to create a culture that will motivate your emerging sales leaders to set goals they want to achieve?

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