Spotlight Your Millennial’s Talent to Stimulate Business Growth – TEDx Video Series

Spotlight Your Millennial’s Talent to Stimulate Business Growth – TEDx Video Series

When I wrote Millennials Matter, I invited a group of emerging leaders to review the first draft and provide feedback. One of the millennial reviewers said: “We can get a million likes, and still feel empty. We need to hear real affirmations from real people in real-time about our gifts and talents. Why? So that we get to know ourselves, how we’re wired, and how we can serve.

Consider what might happen if you start giving your emerging leader the affirmation they need…Watch this short video from my 2018 Tedx Talk:


Start spotlighting a talent. Start coaching your Millennial, your emerging leader, to use and identify their talents, their core competencies to serve others. Because it’s in serving others that this talent becomes a strength that can solve some of the insurmountable problems in our world today.

So, what might happen if you started spotlighting the talents of the emerging leaders in your life, whether they are Millennials, or Gen X, or Gen Z, or the Baby Boomer who’s stepping into a new role?

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Danita Bye Tedx Talk
For practical tips on making micro moves to spotlight your next-gen leader’s talents, watch the video of my Tedx Talk here. Please like, comment, and share it with others who are leading, coaching and mentoring emerging leaders.


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