How to Hire Salespeople Guaranteed for Greater Success

How to Hire Salespeople Guaranteed for Greater Success

During this war-for-talent-economy, it’s difficult to find top tier talent.

Business owners are looking for Millennials who defy the stereotypes.  They want hunters and BDR’s who are hungry for new business. They want to hire salespeople with the sales DNA needed to overcome obstacles, take responsibility for their performance, and deliver results.

At the other end of the spectrum, Millennials are looking for companies who understand their need to make an impact. They want to be included in the decision-making process because they want their voices to matter.

How do we attract, engage, and retain top Millennial talent? How do we guide them to align their goals and dreams with our business growth strategies?

Our new eBook, Millennial Sales Hiring, has a 7-Step Process that guides you through the recruiting, hiring, and fast-tracking of your high-performance Millennial Sales Team.  If you need quick inspiration, I have written a series of short articles that will assist you in your quest to win the war for talent.

If your goal is to consistently win new accounts, grow revenue and market share, I invite you to click on the article links below.  You will learn how you can know which prospective candidates will succeed or fail before you hire them.


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