M & A Insights on How to Lead and Leave Well (Leadership Team Development)

M & A Insights on How to Lead and Leave Well (Leadership Team Development)

One of the most important (and difficult) decisions a business leader has to make is how to exit his or her business.  Yes, I’m talking about the business that you have built up over many years. The one that is home to your blood, sweat, and maybe even tears. And now the time has come to make that decision….Do you sell, merge, or transition to the next generation?

On March 15th, Brandon Schaefer, Rob Gales, Dave Fergus, and I will be hosting an Executive Breakfast workshop, entitled, Built to Thrive. We will address these and other important issues as you transition your business and transition your life.

Here’s a short background on my co-hosts.

Brandon Schaefer, author of Build a Better Life and CEO of Five Capitals

I first met Brandon at a Faith at Work conference for Business Owners and Business Leaders. I was captivated with Brandon’s Five Capitals concept. We need to manage all five capitals wisely for sustainable professional and personal leadership. The five capitals are spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual, and financial.

Brandon and I are also leading a breakout session at the C12 Group’s national conference in May: Hiring, Engaging and Retaining a New Gen Workforce.

Rob Gales, Managing Director, VERCOR

One of the millennial reviewers for Millennials Matter said, “You have GOT to connect with Rob Gales!” I took her advice. It was an energizing first meeting…and has continued to be just that as we seek new and better ways to serve our clients.

Rob’s credentials include a twenty-year successful track record in investment banking and capital markets, as well as ten plus years of corporate and non-profit restructuring and management. As CEO, Rob also led the turnaround and ultimate strategic sale of a health care benefits administrator. He is passionate about driving organizations to success, as he has done throughout his diverse career.

If you want to know more about Rob check out his video introduction. His specialty is helping middle market business owners sell their company – Transformation Through Transaction Watch the video – it’s a really inspiring 2 min!

Dave Fergus, Managing Chair, C12 Group

I had been involved in C12 Group while living in Minneapolis. Since I see my work as worship, it seemed wise to consider Biblical principles for growing my businesses. I attended a C12 national conference a number of years ago. It was dynamic to be in a room of Christian business owners who were seeking how to Build a Great Business for a Greater Purpose. I’ll be presenting a breakout session at the national conference again in May: Hiring, Engaging and Retaining a New Gen Workforce.

David has a positive outlook towards all aspects of life. He is especially gifted in leading people and companies to profitable lives and businesses. As a licensed Professional Engineer in the Industrial and Systems Engineering discipline, he harnessed that skill set to help companies and individuals establish lofty yet achievable mission and vision.

“Optimism is an activating force. It invigorates us when we face overwhelming obstacles. It helps us envision a promising future and pursue compelling goals.” Millennials Matter (Optimism: An Activating Force, p 55.)

During the course of our business lives, we’ve often had to make difficult decisions. Others look up to us to guide, mentor, and coach them. I invite you to attend the Executive’s Breakfast workshop and join our conversation as we discuss real issues from a Biblical perspective.

If you want to know more about the Built to Thrive – How to Lead and Leave Well Breakfast Workshop, contact Danita Bye – danita@danitabye.com

If you would like to join our workshop Register here.





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