Sales Performance

(While cleaning my computer files, I found this article stored on my computer. It hit a nerve with me in 2001, so I saved it. And, it hits the same nerve with me again. I hope you enjoy reading. And, if you know the author, please let me know so I can do proper attribution.) With a potential recession looming, a geopolitical environment in turmoil, and a subtle, ever-present awareness that the course of all our lives was permanently altered on September 11, 2001, it seems appropriate to ask, "How do we handle all of this?" Some of our friends and colleagues have a foreboding feeling about the future.

In today’s ever-shifting market, it’s only natural that our business strategies must evolve and expand. That’s how we stay ahead of our competitors. When we change our sales process or strategy, we often have to restructure our sales force. I often hear this from business owners, presidents, and CEOs: “I want to keep all my salespeople, but I want to put them in new roles. However, I’m not certain they can handle a different sales strategy. I can’t afford to make a mistake. What should I do?”

Creating a motivational culture for your emerging sales leaders and BDRs needs to be a top priority for every sales leader who is committed to exceeding their growth strategy. However, before you can know HOW to motivate them, you must understand the specific preferences and drivers of the individuals on your team. Have you been able to figure it out?